December 21, 2015


UniCut is a simple unity editor extension tool that adds a great of variety of new shortcuts to your keyboard.

UniCut makes available many pre-existing functionalities that weren’t pre-assigned,
but mainly adds many new functionalities that will improve your workflow and will make it inseparable in your development process.

No extra window panels needed. A tool suitable for designers and programmers.

Some of UniCut’s functionalities:

    • Copy & Paste Transform properties
    • Instantly load a scenes from the build list
    • Quickly re organize hierarchy list with keyboard arrows
    • Clear console
    • Align & distribute objects
    • Add, Create & find prefabs
    • Instantly add variety Components
    • Particle timeline controls
    • Toggle editor sound Volume
    • 2d Sprite ordering controls

Take a peek at UniCut’s manual to see all the shortcuts it provides.

Available in the Unity Asset Store.


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