December 21, 2015



Create with every touch.

UniDeck is an extension tool that enables your tablet to become a multi touch control surface for the Unity editor. It provides quick access to essential components, along with new shortcuts and functions.

UniDeck aims to provide a new workflow with a more hands-on, tactile method for building in Unity with features such as:

  • Navigation controls for the scene view

  • Full transform controls (position, rotation and scale) with snap and sensitivity modifiers

  • Particle System controller for the main parameters of the particle system (Size, Lifetime, Speed, Color , etc) which supports multi object editing. Advance editor currently in development.


  • One-touch Add/Remove Button and property controllers for components like Colliders, Rigidbodys, Lights and Sound with the ability to adjust multiple object selections


  • The Collider controller features 2 types of input methods; a duplicate function and cycle and select collider type.


  • Render Settings editor for adjusting the fog and ambience parameters of a scene.


  • 2D specific page with added sprite controllers to edit the sorting layer and order priority.

  • Additional access to utility functions for quickly creating Primitive Objects, adding or creating Prefabs and access to all project settings windows



UniDeck is built on top of TouchOsc and is a required purchase for your device (available for IOS & Android).
TouchOsc is a well known app within the music production community for its ability to create custom templates to control a variety of softwares that have the ability to receive midi or osc messages.

UniDeck enables this communication and comes with a complete template that is also customisable through TouchOsc free editor.

Available in the Unity Asset Store.



2 thoughts on “Unideck
  1. Jeff Munson

    1) Can you run it on an Android tablet while working with Unity on Windows 8?
    2) Can it be leveraged to create a remote control panel for a Unity game during runtime? I use Unity in my work with nonverbal children with autism and I would like some off screen controls for a teacher/parent to be able to control game play but without introducing a GUI on the screen the child is interacting with. Thanks

    1. admin

      It should run Just Fine! if you encounter any difficulties just contact me
      If the controllers are to busy for an inexperience users we can design other controllers more simple to fit your situation.
      Your project sounds very intriguing and I would like to get involve and help you with any needs or may have.


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